NASP 2015 Mini Skills

TIPS II Mini Skills Problem Solving Session

February 18, 2015

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Power Point from NASP Mini Skills Session - click here

Meeting Minutes in PBIS Team Format - click here

Meeting Minutes in Different Formats - click here

TIPS Team Readiness Checklist click here

TIPS Video Resources to Support and Extend Learning 

TIPS II Overview in 15 Minutes

This video offers a series of snapshots about the TIPS II Model and a quick peek at data-based problem solving in the TIPS model.

TIPS Fidelity Checklist (TIPS FC)
This video walks through use of the Team-Initiated Problem Solving Fidelity Checklist (TIPS FC).  It is developed to be used as an overview to assist coaches and/or team to assess fidelity of implementation of TIPS. 

Using TIPS Meeting Minutes

This video walks through use of the updated TIPS Meeting Minutes.  TIPS Meeting Minutes serve as a critical component to an effective and efficient meeting.  

A Quick Walkthrough Using TIPS II for Behavior Problem Solving

This 24-minute video will walk you through the TIPS problem solving process with behavioral data.

Using SWIS to Define Precise Problem Statements 

During this 9-minute video, you will watch as a problem statement is precisely using Drill Down features in the School Wide Information System (SWIS) database.

Using TIPS with Academic Problems 

This is video provides an example of the TIPS process using academic data.

Aligning Solutions with Precise Problem Statements

This video offers a quick glimpse at some resources that can support effective brainstorming during solution development.

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