CMS TIPS Coach Training

Map for parking and location of training on Friday, July 11th 8:30-4:00 (Lab 5 - lower level of College of Ed)

Please watch this short introduction to the materials and preparation work that you will want to complete before our training.  

Videos to Watch:
The following are modules to watch as you build a framework about TIPS II.  We will fill it in during our training time together.

TIPS II Overview in 15 Minutes
This video offers a series of snapshots about the TIPS II Model.  If you are very familiar already with TIPS, it will be refresher.  If you are just starting your journey with TIPS, this will provide a quick peek at data-based problem solving in the TIPS model.

Using TIPS Meeting Minutes
You will learn about the TIPS Meeting Minutes that are a central component to guiding the TIPS meeting during this 28-minute video.

A Quick Walkthrough Using TIPS II for Behavior Problem Solving
This 24-minute video will walk you through the TIPS problem solving process with behavioral data.

Using SWIS to Define Precise Problem Statements (optional)
During this 9-minute (optional) video you will watch as a problem statement is precisely using Drill Down features in the School Wide Information System (SWIS) database.
Files to Download
The following are files to download before your training.  Our training day will be divided into two sections.  The AM session will focus on breezing through the TIPS Team training with time dedicated to building skills needed for effective and efficient implementation of TIPS.  The PM session will focus on coaching - "how to coach" and "how to coach TIPS".         
  • For AM Session - A Quick TIPS Team Training - Click here
  • For PM Session - Coaching and Its Application to Supporting TIPS Teams - Click here
Additional Resources:
  • Materials for Full Day TIPS II Team Training in Your District Click here
  • Skill Building Resources - Here is a link to additional skill building videos and resources - Click here
  • SWIFT at SWIS Manual - Here is a link to the SWIS 5 Manual - Click here
  • Using TIPS with Academic Problems - This is an optional video to view but may be of interest to you if   you have already begun thinking about the  generalization of TIPS to other data and settings.

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